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Stedman's Dictionary: A Valuable Antique Still Relevant Today

If you think that Stedman’s Dictionary is an old outdated book that is only useful for building fires, think again. From professionals to high school students, there is always a way to find something unexpected in this antique. Online, the current long list of reference materials bearing the Stedman’s name shows that it is still popular in today’s medical industry.

However, what about the sixth edition published 1920? Is this edition still considered to be valuable outside of a rare books collection? Whether you are a professor of history, medicine, or anthropology, you can still find a need to use this 90-year-old medical reference. This is especially true if you are reading a medical text from 1918-1925. In these cases, you may see a word used repeatedly that has changed meaning. In order to accurately write about a particular practice or phase of medicine that has changed, you must understand the medical terminology used at that time.

For example, many psychiatric terms have changed considerably in the past 100 years. When you come across these outdated terms in the literature, you need to use an older dictionary to verify the meaning and gain a greater understanding of what the author was implying. This is where the Stedman’s Dictionary from 1920 comes in handy.

Naturally, once you have used this reference, chances are that you will not need to access it again. Thankfully, there are editions available online. At this website, you will be able to search within the dictionary that you need without having to download the bulky PDF. This means that your devices are not going over their data limits and you are still putting out professional academic research writing that has flawless references.